open mind

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Hinder all of this towards your way,Not my way, but your way, but one’s way,Have the time ready ,When you learn to count time,If that’s ironic enough,Then tell me what’s freedom?Refer not to rights,
Living in a world Called the USA Ingnorant of others Because they're only on maps But took a journey outside And saw my world Isn't the only world That exists on Earth South Korea
Who tells a girl “I love you for your brain”? Cute, funny, and nice seems like all I ever remain
Persistent seedsGrow root-like feet;The front yard has an ingrown toenail, they shriek.We're dawning on an epidemic, they strain.Don't dally around the shears, they scold .But I think I will;
Art is the millisecond one awakes from a coma,
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