Small Talk

Who tells a girl “I love you for your brain”?

Cute, funny, and nice seems like all I ever remain

I've spent years thinking one day it will happen to me

but there is no one I'm willing to break down my walls for and just be

I try to talk to everyone and have an open mind

but who knows what anyone's thinking when we all leave our hearts behind

We sling on our backpacks, and fill our days with small talk

And our daily conversations are as impressive as drawings in sidewalk chalk

We fall in love with brick walls and fancy doors

but we fail to admire the painted halls and wood floors

I want someone to hear me when I start talking too much

I need to know that caring is not a crutch

Life is happening every second of every hour

and the places you think you'll never go are wearing a mask styled in a glower

So let the leash on your heart free

and you never know what you may see

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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