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drop pen to paper the writing’s done this masterpiece complete the realization of your work chills you head to feet
    At fell of dark, when children sleep, I tortured college-lined notebooks with incontinent feels.  Brain-flooding at dark was inevitable after that
Crying, kicking, screaming Tired of the yelling In the car and to the office Face to face; eyes burning It will be ok At least that's what I said I don't want to do it I'll never be better
Journaling is goodIt is a coping methodIt helps me Journaling is goodIt can Explore solutionsIt helps me Journaling is goodIt helps you take a definite course of actionIt helps me Journaling is badIt makes you live too much in your headIt helps me
THE BOOK A book made of secrets, from the bottom of the lake, the shattered home life, and the top of the Catskills.  
She is happy, she is sad. She is excited, she is afraid. She is confident, she is scared. She is loved, she is alone.  
These words are a salvation  that flows from the need in my chest through my arms and out my flying fingertips   These words are a salvation stemmed from the same feelings  and whirls of thought
Being in love is like Being on cloud nine is like Lemon drops and gum drops is like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is like Every kid’s dream come true is like Disney keeps on inspiring is like
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