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eyes bright as the stars his skin clean without scars. his smile is the sunset his teeth the light.    looks happy from afar. but close up he is the sun. voice as sweet as honey
Peacock feathers, royal blue, Turquoise, lapis, every hue, Only gemstones and most true,  For him naught but best will do. He deserves a golden shrine, From his eyes the stars do shine,
im thinking a thought about how strange it is to see you not waiting for me at my locker
Tommy needs help solving a problem ha! he needs to be lock up in an asylum  who wants to find the volume of a barrel with a hole and a steady leakage,call them     Formulas to remember 
It's a bittersweet feeling to let it goWhen you no longer feel it, that's when you'll knowMake sure it's not a feeling of apathybut a change to live avidlyThis poem was an accident,it was only a coincidenceBecause there are just some things I don'
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