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  POETRY helped me read. I hated long words, I hated long sentences, But I saw something simple. POETRY helped me read. To me it’s quick, To me it’s to the point,
Writing is like breathing Or your heart when it is beating Like the only way to express When you just can't take the stress   When your friends won't listen When you feel down
I may as well scratch a line maybe two, Of these words filled with the power to soothe The most ubiquitous storm in any place Or to provoke a quarrelsome tempest.   No deception of phrases meant to relieve.
Among the city's heavy smog and flashing lightsI move in slow motionparalyzed by its heavinessThe waves of silenceand static talk over meI stand where this world does not satisfy
Poetry is easy Poetry is hard. Poetry is meant to catch you off guard. Poetry is loving. Poetry is true. Poetry is unsaid feelings between me and you.
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