Wed, 07/10/2013 - 20:59 -- j2theng


Among the city's heavy smog and flashing lights
I move in slow motion
paralyzed by its heaviness
The waves of silence
and static talk over me
I stand where this world does not satisfy
He paints a variety of worlds
in which one's heart can be discovered
These realms unlock the doors to the colors of expression
Green sings
Blue paints
Orange talks
Red runs
Purple reads
I feel it all
when the ink of my pen flows across the page
I smile dreaming of the words that nobody else could have ever known
but me
The pens and paper sitting on my bed
learned about the times where  I laughed and cried
The typewriter sitting in the corner of my room
listened when nobody else would
I love
and I lose
But to write
balances the chaos of the world
and of my heart
A little more


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