verse novel

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I was 15 when the bombs exploded in the sky.I didn’t know what to think at first.First, there was the mortal terror.Then the everlasting despair.  The whole world had gone to shit.
We had never seen destruction on that level beforeSure, people talked about it on the news,but we all thought it was nothing;just idle threats
I found her on the kitchen floor. She’d had a seizure. I was terrified. She’d had seizures before.Sometimes she’d just stare into spaceHoping that nothingnesswas something more.
I peered out the windowI saw you leaveand somehowI was not surprised. You hated it hereyou rebelled against mebecause I never couldI never could replace her
What was wrong with me?It was like a sirenScreaming inside me. I wasn’t like themLike a siren in the nightMy scream would not fade
I kept checking my phone and emailwaiting for someone to call,to contact me. No one ever did. Not anymore.Not after the missiles were firedNot after we lost everything.
  Right now, the world was in turmoil.Under the thumb of hellNowhere left to turnNowhere left to hideInto her soul, she wentNestling it close lest it is taken from herGrowing up too fast.
I saw her walking down the street. No, that’s a lie.I checked her room firstthen I saw her walking down the streetalone as always.
I had to make surenobody noticedas I slipped away.Back in my domainout to play. I never saw it comingnever saw them They lingered in the shadowswatching me
The world had changed.Nuclear war had seen to that.Two powers fightingAlana wanted to sayone was evil and the othergood… But things weren’t so black and white.
It was darkand the fire burned.Lena knew it was only a matter of timebefore she lost her mind.   Her sister was a wild oneeven though her body wasoh so frailoh so frail.  
Her eyes were a deep-set amber Her face was crusted with dust The end of the world had started and all she could do was watch.   Nuclear warfare never paid off.   Two sides
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