'free verse' 'mental illness' 'adolescence' body image' teenagers'

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First, it was my size much bigger than the rest but not defining my personality. Infatuated kid V  only could tell me privately he felt the same way. Outcasted for my glasses meant to see the world picture perfect. Glass cutting at my risk each ti
I wish I would have jumped into those pools, that the fear of how big the splash mught be, didn't paralyze me. I wish that I didn't spend every pool party cowering in my Dad's oversized tee, 
She looks into the mirror  Wondering why everything’s got so much clearer  Her mother comes walking in puts her hand on her daughters shoulder  Asking her if she now understands what the fighting was for   
pieces of a mason jar  glass vases  broken  violently torn,  pink roses heavy imprints  of foot prints on the ceiling  walls,  echos;  in long  chilling 
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