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I stand on the golden sand, watching a young man glide across the waves. The way he moves on the surfboard; like a dancer on a stage of blue. His dirty brown dreadlocks flowing in the wind. On a day like this, most people would struggle to try to
What is a 'Karen'? She's a mother, nurturing her baby in bloodshed. She goes on constant war paths to protect her baby, an entitled parent some will say...
Concepts spurred within the birthing grounds Many withered before they had a chance to spark But one stood out amongst them Due to the speed of her growth The ancient gods quickly took notice
Pages upon pages and pages and pages and pages appear on his desk before he is done for the night; he stays, and he works, until  the clock strikes eleven. Eyes bleary,
The saying goes                        “Don’t fly to close to the sun” You’ll only burn yourself in the end                         It was just too good to be true Isn’t that what they say? Or did the luck
Sweet Persephone, Skipping through the hallway with a flower crown atop her head, Her curls cascading down her back like a waterfall Naïve Persephone, Unaware of how many aim to make her their girlfriend
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