Frigg: A Modern Day Karen

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 12:28 -- vsoliz

What is a 'Karen'?

She's a mother, nurturing her baby in bloodshed.

She goes on constant war paths to protect her baby, an entitled parent some will say...

Karens aren't to be messed with for they will do anything to protect their precious- like Frigg.

Frigg made the everything in the universe promise not to hurt her baby, her Balder.

Frigg, like a Karen, screamed and protested to get her way 

And she did.

Until a miseltoe that Frigg seemed to miss killed her son

And the wrath of a Norse Karen began.

For Frigg would be what we now know as a 'Karen',

A mother who stops at nothing to protect her baby, even at the cost of others.

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Our world
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