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  Seeking completeness I've come so far. Although, it has robbed myself out of me. But here, I have crossed what seemed, a bridge too far.   
​Traces of flickering light glimpsing over lightless faces lost in the lands they shall call home. Faces, therein lostness, close but not close enough, alone together under an unfamiliar sun, sinking and sinking.
Imagine Moving to a strange country.  You're so young and get married so abruptly,  To a man you were forced to love, and you're going to have a baby. You move from Italy to Queens, where the people are pretty shady
Sometimes that hurricane swings, and misses! Hah!Sometimes it runs someone else overand everybody without friends,family, lovers, a home, on the islands, sighs with reliefDon't be too glad, mainland,
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