Seeking completeness I've come so far.

Although, it has robbed myself out of me.

But here, I have crossed what seemed,

a bridge too far. 


Counting hours on my fingertips, unfazed. Till,

nights are days and days are vague. Till,

my back fatigued and my feet are dead. Nevertheless, 

all they get is a yes,

escaping my mouth, repeatedly, diligently.


Chaos, kept me humble.

Although, It has robbed myself out of me.

I dream of a place where I once belonged, home

Is what I now seek.


When I close my eyes, I feel home, bleeding

my eyes, kicking 

my gut, dredging 

my memory, rending 

my heart. Yet closed are

my eyes.


Homeless by Jasleen Kaur


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
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Jan Wienen

Thank you


No sure why you thank me Jan Wienen. But you're welcome!

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