grown up

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Bills, bills, BILLS... ...constantly, incoming.   Money, money, MONEY... ...constantly, outgoing.   Savings, virtually NONE...; As soon as 'any' money comes in...;
Confined in these lines, how much movement is mine How much deviance is permissible without going too far as to be  Unacceptable  Unaddressable  Unprofessional 
drip    drip   drip, crack   drip   drip   drip, puff
I realized how much I have grown to be When I was a girl I remember needing a
In my youth I'd chase things shiny and new Now I take care of what loyal and used I used to wander from place to place Always on the go  Now I'd rather sit and ponder It is myself I'd like to know
I knew what lied ahead So I chained my feet to the ground Refusing to travel to that place But it was inescapable   The world ripped me away 
I am a grown up now. No more unicorn fairytails. This is the real world. Time to ditch the ponytail.   I am a grown up now.  Mom ain't here to wake me. I wanted to sleep in but I guess not.
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