'feminism' 'women' ‘men’ ‘not equal’ ‘rights’ ‘boys will be boys’

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Just say no Is that what the 97% forgot Were they too caught up  To remember the save all word?   Of course they weren’t
  She learned it from her grandfather How to be messy. Dirt under fingernails Cuts on a body Boiling blood  
The shackles have been broken. The wings have come out. Pens and papers have started to talk as our tongues were cut out  right after we were born.   Jasleen kaur
It’s time to sever ties with those who lie;  It’s Time to free myself from the toxicity of your superficiality, breaking away from your fly trap facade once and for all, never to fall for this sick style of manipulative mind control  -
Freedom for women! They scream. Freedom of pay! They cry. I thought growing up everyone would be equal. Women are hushed, no pain or hair is to be seen.
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