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  I don’t have enough chances to pretend I’m flying anymore.  
Cold morning sombers, Sippin on my coffee cup Reminisce about days of old Hot summer, hold up Life never shimmers like it did back then, with that halo of gold  
Awaken child! Rise child! The sun is shining oh, there's no rain only sunshine! Why are you crying? The future... it's so bright!   Remove yourself from this slumber,
I remember calling my mother from my grandmother’s landline   it was one of those old landlines with the spiral cord
Mornin’. It’s a new day. Classes to take. Major to pick. Friends to make. Classes wrap up. Major changes once or twice. Friend rushed to hospital.
                                           Regaining consciousness,                                          Feeling weak and scared,
if there’s a record for crying my mom’s coming to take it because my dad wants love and what he has with my mother ain’t itthis is the man i looked up to
The rhythmic thump thump of hooves Pound loudly on the roof Bells on the reins jingle As he disembarks from the sleigh I know my eyes must stay closed
With my father when I was ten I remember being shook to the core As that was the day I found That my pity tears worked no more Before, I would fake cry for mommy  So he would take me for pizza and ice cream
  <p>Paragraph one.</p>  With my father when I was ten I remember being shook to the core As that was the day I found That my pity tears worked no more Before, I would fake cry for mommy
Daddy is drinking again. Mama is too.  Sister and brother, too little to understand. I'm eight, aren't I little, too? Hard ground, river roaring as daddy is snoring.  When do we sleep in a house with a real bed?
“Go back to Mexico you dirty wetback”  The words are like acid on my skin I walk through the gate  I enter the school No one ever tells you what to do when you feel unsafe in school I feel the grotesque body of shame climb its way up my throat  It
In my tiny bubble. It has a shape. i hated who i hated. i didn't get hate. The outside, that i couldn't feel. Was right there, and very real. i talked to them, and, to my surprise?
girls know growing up as a girl can be gruesome.  expected to mature, expected to look a certain way, act a certain way,      talk a certain way, sit a certain way, walk a certain way
Wake up Get out of bed Make up Shake the sleep out of my head Do hair Brush teeth Wish I didnt care About what others think
Actions Seem Less Lithe Compared To When I Was Young Acting By My Heart  
The short, sweet whistle of the bird wake me Gripping my pillow I wake up shakily What was I thinking, I cry almost shrieking I should not have stayed up all of that night I regret the night and wish I could light
I've grown quite a bit I remember when I would throw a fit When I wanted something I'd pout and scream and yell I don't do that anymore but my parents would never tell They didn't force me to grow up
A day in life, growing up taller, seeing the world change, everything is becoming smaller. Don't see daddy anymore, grew out of that, he didn't love me dearly, made me think I was fat.
Tonight he made me mad  By erasing documentation of our memories So I turned some colors to black and white And listened to a song my sister wrote about bluebirds
I hold the broken pieces of my heart Every daughter needs her father  Life decided otherwise I can't stop but think its a dream Envy builds within me Looking back at that morning 
On a warm Saturday in late May, I drove to pick my friends up in my little Corolla, I was ecstatic as soon we were going to get our nails done for Prom.
The thought of me not fitting Neatly into their box Sacres them for some reason Not quite this, not fully that I don't check off All the things on the list To call me one or the other  
Take my hand As we walk this beaten path That I once created many moons ago – Back to a time of silence Before I found my voice – As a child, I believed in a perfection
Yellow bus turns the corner Standing alone on the shoulder My hands are sweaty, My heart feels heavy I sit in crowded rooms with my peers Flash forward a couple years Find myself filled with glee
Growing Up. Rooming away from home, On my own for the first time, Wondering "What I need to do?" I start making friends,
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