Running to Success

“Go back to Mexico you dirty wetback”  The words are like acid on my skin I walk through the gate  I enter the school No one ever tells you what to do when you feel unsafe in school I feel the grotesque body of shame climb its way up my throat  It unhinges my jaw Frees my hidden sobs  Stinging tears decorate my face like raindrops on a car window  And I have never felt so scared I run to the bathroom  Knees pulled to my chest like armor  I look at my skin Its tanned hue is like a slap in the face A reminder of the truth I tried so hard to deny A truth I never thought would hurt me  In the midst of my anguish, I feel a comfort I am alone  But the broken whispers of my ancestors are like hands against my back Pushing me forward Running through my veins  I hear the echoey words meant just for me “You are strong” I stand up I take each step with a growing understanding  What it means to be the first chance born in a family of sacrifice  It's because of this that my steps turn to leaps I run unfazed  Looking at the golden light of success on the horizon Like melted gold, it swallows my attention whole I am running to success    Some days the pain and suffering of my ancestors are too much Written on my skin like warpaint  Some days I wish their pain would heal from my body like bruises Fading with time But other times I relish in this burden For it drives me forward full force  Every tired smile Every overworked bloody hand  Every tear-stained kiss  Pushes me forward  And I am running to success 

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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