'coming of age'

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"like the great queens of history .....she was born with the umbilical cord around her neck"**   My baby face seems to follow me everyday i see her in the bathroom mirror in the mornings 
It’s different, It all changes and you never quite know why or how or when, The origin is a mystery, Is it good comic relief, Or simply just a tragedy,
When I was younger I had a hunger For all things new and strange Fantastical worlds  And sorcerer girls And werewolves roaming the range   When it came down to the wire
A small town near the ocean is what I first called home.I remember my mother, my sisters, and my father.I remember the laughter & cheer, the fights & tears.I remember father.
She remembers 6th grade days dragged on and on until  She felt like everything was gone.  “you look like a 7-year-old” they said “try hard” they said “my necklace is made out of real gold”. They said
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