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I am angryI am angry because my life doesn’t matter I am angry because my struggles don’t matterI am angry because when I get attacked in a mosque or at school it’s my fault
I look at the shiney golden ticket in my miniscule hands. The fog from the train clouds my eyes as I experience nostalgia from watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a kid.
Your smile began to fade and fear filled your eyes,
There was a baby girl born to a family of sixWho was a beacon of love amidst the conflictsShe took her first steps under the moon lightOn the shoreline of the sea, oh what a sight
      To See and Not be Able to Do Every time I encounter the News, Yes the News
Will it ever end, Seeing the death of my Palestinian friends, Will it ever end, Seeing the terrorists bomb and kill with no repercussions, No consequences, just governmental corruption,
Listen now, youngest of us. On the edge of ruin, I am wiser And perhaps, you shall be as well.   A crimson silk carpet runs beneath The house, unmoving and unwavering.
Occupiers hold on with iron grips Thoughtless deeds, humanity is on freeze Women, children cry out of soundless lips
Free Palestine! by Ima Ríos   Metalic rain               erase the smell of life. Alien fire             Bombs                          Bullets               Death.  
1. Home. That is where the heart is. So I hear.   The footprints of my people Long lost on the winds of time.
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