'anxiety' ' 'fear' 'mental illness' 'mental health'

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My mind is swelling today Swelling of fallacies  False foes that engorge each time a thought grows
 Their writing reads me  Written in my blood their stories  Haunted with thoughts  Thinking they made me  The files don't bore me  They bare me  They score me  Tally up each sore horror flick  Irk my heart and make me tick  Words in ord
 They fuck with me  It's sadistic and ugly  I am no doll don't play with me  Running no longer, instead facing  Stalker, crazy, demonic entity maybe  Scar your name upon my skin  Tear apart my tissues to cry into   The twisted figure fi
Knock, knock, knock  On the walls of my mind  Feeling stuck; Lost in time  Thoughts are fueled by dark matters  Succumbing to madness, like that of a hatter  Constant battle between voice's chatter  Repeating, repeating; Mind over matte
my mind is seated waiting for lessons repeated;  open ears hear word of pop quiz for wiz kids;  testing in same boundaries astonishment at answers variance ;  daily dualities in order to find person asking more to find deepest perversio
As I sit here, absorbed in my own mind, my thoughts race faster than seconds passing by, I'm losing track of time Feeling as though I'm trapped inside of my own thoughts, everything I think makes my heart first soar then drop These thou
Burning beyond belief by this violently raging brain Freezing from an impenetrable heart, frozen by years of pain Stone exterior, attempting to contain
Is a person still a person if nothing but a contradiction to themselves  How about the inability to find who they are without assistance from someone else
They see what you allow them to see The only care they have is to feel you're not crazy Never crazy; simply lost, fearful of your own thoughts
Fear of admittance, confessions untold, cause for the beatings endured by mind and soul Poisonous guilts, toxic thoughts, plagued by whispers 
5 years old Staring at the mirror Wondering why god ever brought me here Achy thoughts-in my mind Keeping them in, shutting people out   13 years old  Running so fast 
Anxiety over scribbled words Chaotic, muted thoughts Perhaps not pleasant or worthy  But mine  
These are palms drenched by a bucket of fear,and a thumping heart that popped out my chest.I constantly dread that my time is near,so there I wait, with eternal unrest.
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