'PoetrySlam' 'Fight the fear'

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He told me he loved me. He looked me straight into my vulnerable eyes and said the most important words any human can say to another. He stood there, still staring at me, waiting for a response. Say it back. I couldn't.
Dear you... you don't see it, but all of my tears  ran before you did.   Do you remember  calling me your tiny dancer? Nicknaming me and talking about the flowers I would hold?
Because she is afraid she will die before it Sits in my lap hissing This hollow poltergeistOf what could be My dad calls me selfishFor not taking care of my Abuela and her imaginary cat
Hurt, yet healing. Scared, yet brave. Alone, yet not. Confused, yet guided. Falling, yet running. Cowardly, yet courageous.  
I feel afraid The deadline looms I know I can I'm just afraid I will lose . With this fear Comes my procrastination Why do it at all If I can't make it perfect .
Acceptance is the key to anythingWithout it, that anything becomes nothingIt ceases to existLife has no meaningIt becomes mundaneIt's forgotten within the shadows of reality and expectation Experiences are key stepping stones to lifeFears are only
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