Fight the fear Scholarship Slam:

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Faint streaks of light seep between the cracksOnly to dissipate and fade Into the bleak water That etches every nook and every frayOf my run-down body Left defeated and in vain Darkness
I was a boy, it appeared Running or walking, it followed Crying or laughing, it loomed It was attached  I sobbed  Slowly, it grew   Quick, I hide it  Expose it to light Its a part of me 
When I look at the ocean or the pool I start to frown My fear is that I will drown When I am in water, neck deep Panic alarm inside my head starts to beep My heart beats fast As I pray for my anxiety to pass
I Fear I Have Failed When nothing seemed to go as planned, When I was ripped at the seams of my organized mind, Time dragged on longer than it spanned.
I always bite my tongue at the thought of standing up for what I thought was right. I bit my tongue, thinking about confrontation.
Deep breaths, They say It gets easier Each step My heart pounds My palms sweat My body shakes with a mix of
Her toes are spoons that slurp from the bowl of the world. Reckless abandon. Milk first. Milk it for everything there is.  Tug on it like a grandmother's arm, jerky and needy and sudden and fearful
My path seemed set in stone, predetermined, unwavering. Now it hangs carelessly like a stop sign after a tornado strike. The debris has settled and I wait anxiously for help to arrive. But no one comes.
Enveloping Darkness, ever marching A light kashmir hood laying abreast an endless hallway. The Lady paying no mind to the absence of light, She only lives so Death can spite.
I thought I never could fight back It slowly turned my world to black Depression was a cage of bars Now all that’s left is the scars  
There is nothing more that I fear than a burning bridge.   The flames do not scare me, only the gaping abyss.   What I always fail to see
Don't make me go out there Everyone will stare Please leave me alone  I don't want to be shown Someone will laugh at me And surely others will agree If only I could disappear
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