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Black is not evil, It's a Style so grandA beauty that's been hidden from our sightNo longer to hid our precious handand question Who we are in day And night
The Sum Being called N-Word How many times? Being underestimated because I am a Black womanSeveral timesSnubbed because I am BlackToo many times Ignored because I am a womanLots of timesA look of surprise and a frown when I say that my mother read
Saying I'm Deleted is Your Execution You can't get rid of me even if you start a Revolution Evolution- I evolved into my next phase you can't break me down  That's like running through a Maze- I am Stronger than you 
I am a revolutionary, fighting for the ones who are afraid, for the ones who are unable, for the ones who are here, and for the ones who are not yet born.   I am 
I'm black and you are white should I run Can we stop punching each other? If I cut my skin and you cut yours the blood will have the same color, red Why do you hate me so much?
I'm black and you are white should I run Can we stop punching each other? If I cut my skin and you cut yours the blood will have the same color, red Why do you hate me so much?
“Why is she black?” Why did he ask? I didn’t know dad was a bigot and would recite one incident that made them all bad  
I feel like I’m in a dystopia Called America. Known as the  Land of the free, Land of proposed  Dreams.
What's the point in being black if I have to hide it like a disease? If I wear my vocabulary like a fac
The image that stays with me comes from the story  of a black boy playing wide-eyed with his toy dinosaurs.  And maybe this is the picture that stays with everybody,
  I am not black stop calling me that. I am that I am before words we’re create by those who forgot what I know now what they lack. I am not black don’t you call me that.
THE ULTIMATE PRICE Ever felt much weight on your neck That makes it feel like you can't breathe? You can't move your neck? I have
I am not ok today. why? Because i have to wake up everyday and nolonger be amazed at what my reality has become. I am not ok today. I shouldnt have to apologize for the blackness of my son.
  Lil white boys Yes, you I am talking. For once, I am taking up space Listen. What are you, scared?
Racism is an everlasting problem that will never end People are blinded  And so close-minded That they will always play pretend
Black people are always getting treated like dirt Someones getting shot or ends up getting hurt We try hard and fight for justice so this can stop
People are just people Accept black skin as legal Shooting us for no good reason is uacceptable Our skin is as harmless as vegetables
Night sky, blue eyes, new lies These aren’t just words,  Now it’s bright as day but the past was the night sky Do you see now where the stars lie? We used to mean something back then and stick outSo many stars came in and then dul
Richard Lee, Robert E Lee’s brother The man who raped his slave His slave, my great great great great grandmother My blood is the blood of the oppressor but also the survivor
There are many different colors, that I see on many faces. I see them on many people, and in many different places.       What kind of colors do you think I see?
Just two years ago, I entered Secret Santa By chance, you chose me!   You brought Christmas late But I did not mind at all
Rooted in Africa. Rooted in Europe. Rooted in slave boats. Rooted in Maryland Missouri Delaware Kentucky. Rooted in appropriation. Untamed nappy wild Afro hair.
Today I’m gonna take you all into a world we don’t all know. A world that contains all of Us. A world with its high’s and its lows  
America, America. Oh, how thou great.  You're people have been washed and drowned in hatred. They are decendents of a people who rejected what was. We are the creation of multigenerational curses.
America What we call the greatest country THAT’S A LIE  
  A brilliant mind  Undefined  By works of those who captivate the mind Devine and true  A black mind that is capable  of more than a just thing or two We sit right in front of you 
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