America Taken By Race


What we call the greatest country



Listen to the words that I say. It took over a centuary to give freedom to the slaves. This nation was nothing but slave plantation.


“Nosotros también somos humanos”  We are humans too. We are not Wetbacks we were here first. You forced us to move but we still improve and pursue.


I'm a Muslim, not a terrorist. 9/11 was a group, not a nation, but you still blame us for yall’s dangerous locations. Stop calling us terrorist most of us are environmentalist.


Now white people have power, Don’t hide the truth. They did a lot of good stuff but thats way under there fame. They didn’t treat us the same. And they can’t take their own blame.


So America is taken by race with white supremacy with a bunch of minorities. So let’s stop being called LETHAL, ILLEGAL, and EVIL and stand up for all races to be EQUAL.


America… The best country… that’s the worst disguise…

Lets try the best nation at LIES!


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My country


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