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Racial harassment is also as bad If not worse than sexual harassment Don’t get me wrong now, I get eerily mad About both. True equality is non-existent
Still as the un-awakened beat, Until the soft stirring of the symphony takes hold,  A soul no longer held captive,  But is free. Trying to hold back the memories,  But is letting the hidden emotion flow, 
I'm sorry  Our culture has forced you to fit the narrow path of Masculinity. Forced to morph yourself to fit the standards  Only seeing black and white And anything remotely gray is too feminine  
September 3rd   Maybe I'd always been broken inside.  Perhaps the image I projected of myself was nothing but a wisp in the wind An outspoken thought driven by false assumptions of myself. 
Dear crush, Thank you for existing Thank you for being perfect and reminding me that I’m not.
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