to my son

I'm sorry 

Our culture has forced you to fit the narrow path of


Forced to morph yourself to fit the standards 

Only seeing black and white

And anything remotely gray is too feminine


I'm sorry

To cry is to be weak

And anything enjoyed that is not completely dictated as masculine is too feminine

I promise I will never subject you to that claustrophobic path.

I love you for who you are

Not for what society dictates you to be


You will never be belittled for what you love.

I hope I can teach you to understand that.

Because culture doesn't create people

Rather, people create culture

I hope you will forge a path towards a new way of thinking

To be emotional is not to be weak

In fact, those are the strongest people I know


Change society's way of perceiving

One voice will alter the ways of the world. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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