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It was July 13, 2013, a stifling summer night when I read across the bottom of the TV screen "George Zimmerman found not guilty."  I  was only 12 years old at the time, so it didn't really cross my mind. 
I sit, hoping to not be noticed. Planning any conversation I may have With someone I do not know. Being around new people makes me timid
It's my life because I had lost my sight listening to you It's my life because I am always thinking too much at night It's your life because you make me say everything is alright It's your life because
As I struggle throught this land Of hopelessness and fear, I pass a sea of faces- Ones that hold no cheer.   I cross the sea of betrayal And over the bridge of doubt, into the desert of despair.
I am the girl. The one you stare at as I hold my lover. her hand, your stares your hate, my fear   I am the girl. The one you, my selfproclaimed friend, wince away from when
I found my voice out of frustration All I wanted to do was show my creationI desire to be a writer, make worlds for people to get lost inMy greatest fear is that some will say it belongs in a trash binI found my voice when a teacher told me I woul
I am the broken silence The one you left behind The cracked brush and dried gel The burned hands The ones who worked for everything the white man and woman were easily given I am the kinky hair
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