' 'Abuse' 'toxic relationships’

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Speak For those who cannot. For those afraid of what will happen next. So they hide in their closets with their siblings, telling them, “Do not speak.” As dad hits the walls,
Change has always been hard for me Never has it been easier then sleeping at a stranger's house, after sneaking in , because my home life wasnt the best I have never seen a guy look at me the way you do
Pretty pink elephants. Plenty of pastel plants. Pleasant pleasantries, Hide perfectly placed “you can’ts”   Beautiful blue hues. Obvious obligatory societal rules. High horse views,
Boys and Girls she had. Many of them gathered round. Love she spoke, yet love we didn't feel. Love we didn't see.
A 2a.m. text saying "I Hope You are well." You hope, you hope, you hope, you hope, You hope. I hope.  And It stings.
Everyone around you will make you who you are.You deserve the best and they need to be the best.They need to be that reflection of you...the one all can see. You will be your trophies to show how important you are.You have made it.
The sound of silence is louder than a scream. More impactful than a blow by a metal beam. It is an ugly truth to a beautiful lie. You can only tell by looking in one's eye.
My mind never sits still. So perhaps it’s my fault that everything we are, Morphs.  Reorganizing itself against my skull Dissected a million times over into nail-sized pieces, A lab experiment.  
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