Wonderful Worldly Words

Pretty pink elephants.

Plenty of pastel plants.

Pleasant pleasantries,

Hide perfectly placed “you can’ts”


Beautiful blue hues.

Obvious obligatory societal rules.

High horse views,

Kept in stables,

within a library of organized labels.


Marvelous mauve lips.

The majority mainstream message.

Make up is mandatory for maturity.

Muscles make the man.

The masses marvel at a malicious mantra.


Tremendous teal tulle dresses.

We as toddlers, are envisioned to take up the torch of a torrid tomorrow.

Our ability to talk is wasted.

Too young to talk, but too old not to.

When we enter tumultuous times as teens,

Our speech is taken away;

While we’re told to retain tolerance and tact.

They took our tools, and later expected us to build a tower.

But by then we’ll be too tired to be able to retain how to talk.

In torrent times, we’ll drown.


Wonderful White Swans.

We were taught ignorance.

We were overwhelmed with wonderful wordly words.

We were taught coloring outside the lines, wrecks the picture.

We are the future.

We will weather the weather,

Whether or not we are prepared for it.

We will not be apples or oranges.

A fruit salad, without wonderful worldy words.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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