abandedment abuse

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That moment When you are so scared To lose people, You keep dangerous People in your life, And no matter how much You know you should leave, You're terrified of hurting them
                                                I Promise…                                         By: Wardah Elghazali       I called for attention I asked for protection
I breathe, my soul rent, my heart shattered I wander in darkness?   What path to take Where do I linger when only my fingers guide me  I fear each step, tremble at the cost
Glasses covered with roses Shattered as he closes the door behind him Heart filled with devastation Tears fill my eyes, asking why? Mustering up the strength to pick up the pieces
I write to express my pain. My disappointment that has no gain. Parents that were insane or incoherent I was abandoned for a frame of time. That didn't make me weak or whine. I am strong to say that I'm sane
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