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Anxiety: Hands shaking, thoughts swarming, breath not reaching; just breathe, just breathe.  I can’t get it out of my head, it’s like a hurricane up there. Am I alright?
By the grave I saw the nightmares That moment my soul grew nagging. Instead I uncovered my worries That moment my soul grew gnawing.  
Little blue round creatures of comfort. Blanket your body with a feeling in which there is  no word. Slip away. Let it slip away. I found my way.  I found my way.
I am compassionate Not self-compassionate. I am empathetic Not self-empathetic. I am loving Not self-loving. I am caring Not self-caring. I must take care of myself. 
never censor the dirty words. unleash the violet memories of your violent childhood: lilac frocks and pomegranite seeds and leftover boo-boos because sometimes  daddy couldn't see you
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