'change' follow your dreams

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Yesterday was today, today was tomorrow as tomorrow is today so with a grateful heart I take a drag then puff it out to the universe knowing and accepting that our everyday struggles is nothing but an endless journey towards the life we desire alt
Believe You Can Succeed, You Will Achieve, All Your Goals, Wash That Doubt Away, Replace it With Faith, This Works Out Great, In The End My Friends, Take My Advice, I'm Not Telling You Lie's,
I have made some stupid moves, regretted some of my choices, I have tasted the sweet honey of booze and even had cannabis upon my lips, This is what i used to turn to, when my life got rough,
I found my voice out of frustration All I wanted to do was show my creationI desire to be a writer, make worlds for people to get lost inMy greatest fear is that some will say it belongs in a trash binI found my voice when a teacher told me I woul
Dream's forced to be forgotten Remembered years later Enamored with it's hardship A come to heart with reality was forced Made changes to the plan Shaping who I am Creativity is my forte
Dear Professor,   Thank you. Thank you for pushing me to be my better self. Thank you for showing me who I am and who I have the potential to be.   I know you do not respect me,
New places, new faces. Everywhere and everything is new. Nothing old or left behind, nothing blue. It’s a pretty scary place here. With nothing left to waste here, oh it’s true,
There's danger in the distance and I'm walking towards it I heard an unfamiliar sound so I followed My shirt is wet and my feet are tired  I'm turning my back on the familiar I never knew  My choice is mychoice
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