'bird' 'free' 'freedom' 'escape' 'change' 'hope' 'dream' 'romantic' 'romance'

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come along to the new year where everyone can see a world of opportunity   the people are abuzz with new ideas of how to face their biggest fears   a chance for a do-over
bang says the thunder but that is not what I hear for I cannot hear I have lost my ability to hear. why can I not hear?
These intentions of mine were always good, just know that. I never intended to hurt you, but I know I did and the truth was something I always lacked…. Especially from you. I could never understand how I made it through.
I can never seem to write a happy poem I don't know why I just can't do it When I write my hands they grow numb and sometimes I feel I'll never get through it But then came you and you gave me this
No calls, No texts, especially at night, Freedom,  Things are easy to do, Easy as riding a bike.   Can go here, Go there, Whatever feels right, Nothing is too much stress, When there is no need,
We all start life's journey, Equally, Born afresh, innocent, Starting with the dummy.   Kids play, Kids fight, Competitively, Kiss & Make up, Regularly.  
Didn't start out this way,  Was always an innocent boy, Curly haired, lively, out of control, Could sometimes be.    Play fighting was instinctive, Big Daddy, Bruce Lee and Mad Harry, The names,
Push me too far and I will tumble over the  edge Make my heart stop and  I'll listen to what he says. As much as I'd love to stay and chat The more you pull me in, the next step I take  back.  
Everyone wants a way out The exit to their lives They've met with Triumph and Disaster It made and broke their lives But in this mess that we've created We've become descencitized
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