The Cliff

Push me too far and I will tumble over the 


Make my heart stop and 

I'll listen to what he says.

As much as I'd love to stay and chat

The more you pull me in, the next step I take 



On my final step, I wonder, 

If I lived a life truly filled with fire;

To lavish in moments filled with heat

Trapped in the feeling of ecstasy.

Tumbling, trapped and taken

rocks scatter.

As I see myself much as the latter,

crazed in a world of lust in rage

All I want is to see your face.

As much as I'd kill to steal your final breath

Mine was short-lived, cursed with

your name escaping my neck.


Stepping back I plummet, 

Down below where light cannot tarnish

these raw emotions of darkness and distress

caused by the feeling of love, 


I'd rather become heartless...


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