church critique

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I was finally starting to find myself love myself. Until you. I was planning a future for me where I could reach me where I could be me, and I wasn’t you.
by Ariel Douglas (15 October 2014)   Your fruits are poisoned berries, A cursed apple from a fairytale. You scream "Don't judge me!"
by Ariel Douglas (17 June 2016)   Empty dorms and empty hearts Raging storms, we're torn apart Lonely thoughts and lonely souls
by Ariel Douglas (14 November 2014)   You speak as though you know him, but we all know that you don’t. I try to tell you about him,
by Ariel Douglas (16 November 2014)   All I ever hear you do is complain You complain about the sun, the snow, and the rain All I hear you talk about is separation
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