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The truth is, my darling, that no, I don’t love you. And no, I don’t really hate you either. You were simply the missing piece. The missing piece amongst a junkyard so wide I confused for holy ground.
“loved ones, your feelings determine mine” this is what my voice proclaims but does my heart truly sympathize?   i encourage you to confide in me but is just it to reciprocate my ego?
A life without a reason Is like a songbird without sound And unless I am told plainly How surely I’ll run aground   The sun never rises Seasons never change or go around
Sincerity    Can be found, you know.    Commitment    Is alive, you know.    Joy and excitement come in unity,
Its been said that to understandanother must walk a mile in shoes not yoursbut belonging tothe I thought about the walk, and going the
I won't ever tell you what you want to hear, But rather what's sincere and dear, I know that you're there and I’m here, And no matter how far I am, I’ll always be near,
In moments of despair, sadness, and fear Someone so ravishing and beautiful is near With a beautiful smile and a gaze so kind To seize my heart, my feelings, and mind
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