Tread Lightly (in Your Ways)

A life without a reason

Is like a songbird without sound

And unless I am told plainly

How surely I’ll run aground


The sun never rises

Seasons never change or go around

And you realize hopelessly

That your life is not profound


Eternity will move on without you

Whether you live or die

But there is only one hope

Heaven or Hellfire, you’ll decide


The cold hard truth leaves some abandoned

Few others take it well

But it would seem as most “Christians”

Don’t believe in a place called Hell


They ask me to preach sunshine

With a stormcloud overhead

For it would seem few can cope with

The fear of brimstone, dread


Not many will survive it,

The worldly onslaught coming fast

Though some think it in their present,

Their “faith” is a thing of the past


You, o reader, take care here

That you don’t fall to the same demise

For it fells more in my sight

Than any faith seems to rise


Insincerity kills trust,

I’ve seen it all my days

So take care, o friend of mine

That you tread lightly in your ways

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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