Baby miscarriage

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I close my eyes Feel the wet grass beneath my splayed body His hands all over my shrinking frame Hoping if I fade away enough I will be too small And he will leave me be So I lie there
I loved you from the start and thought that we'd never be apart  Seeing you before birth was a tearing moment for your dad and I  Getting ready for your arrival ; setting up your baby crib  
every year for as long as i can remember my mom has tried to grow a rose bush. key word tried.
When I was 15 I planned out exactly what Love would look like Love was tall Love was strong Love played the piano Love was smart and funny
I loved you even though I didn't know you I held you even though you were never in my arms You were with me even though I didn't know it
That special moment,  The instant bond between mother and child The crazy range of emotions ending in excitement You are a family. That instant there is nothing more important Nothing more beautiful
As I sit in this room today, I see a bright futures of Doctors that will find a cure for cancer Lawyers that will participate in the trial of the century
Ears that never heard a voice. A mind that never made a choice. A hand that never had a hold. Cheeks never bit by the cold.
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