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Poetry makes you feel through a set of 26 differently arranged letters. Poetry makes you understand how others and yourself think, all together. Poetry is absent from many classes ,
My shoe is the engineer of motion. It controls the speed at which the music flows from my hands. Interdimensional focus draws the
Beating power Pulsing strength Trying to move up its rank Charging anger Chasing fear Coming ever closer near Running Fighting Moving fast Drums beat forever past
I am a listener, Awakening to the sounds of the day, Swaying to the whispering rhythms that no one else can hear, And feeling cool, like in awesome, with goosebumps on my arms.  
Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum I bang away on my blue and chrome bass drum,  Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash! Whilst I fill in the gaps  With shimmering alloys of brass  
Drums beat into the night,Drums beat on the field,Drums beat the funeral on.
Flawless Music   I retain all these faults that could make me flawless, I can write rhymes, tell the time, though I really shouldn’t floss less.
you are by Damon Dixon   you are powerful beyond belief
Hearts beat like a drum Soft and low, high and fast.   Sometimes we beat as one, And sometimes we beat alone.   LOUD! LOUD! Soft. Soft. LOUD! LOUD! Soft. Soft.
If life is like a drum, I’ll beat out my own rhythm   I’ll add in my melody Come and sing it with me   Play my heart to the beat Make it sound very sweet  
A simple butterfly before you start The sweaty palms and warming up. All your worries and fears come flying in
So it's like this intoxicating rhythm, this passion beyond belief That encompasses every fiber of existence in this room. It feels  like a heartbeat or like some thrashing exotic beast
Stick to head The rhythm of aggression Left to right Consciousness in suspension Things go wrong Take it all out on the pad Flam tap tap You drive all the neighbors mad
Curiosity must hit hard like cinderblocks and bricks Because people constantly ask me, “What’s around your neck?” And I tell them, “A drum key. Been wearing it for years now”. And they nod and ask why.
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