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I. Books are considered once as my enemies But now, I treat them as part of my inner peace That seems to enlighten my mood when in frustration
I've seen through my eyes, A world laid out before me. A world that's experienced a year of growth, A year of pain, A year of change. A lot can happen in a year, The discovery of a new hobby,
Words cannot express  The joy I feel when I open my mouth to sing words with sultry sounds The serenade of emotion filling each verse Everytime I fill the room with a melody My heart is fulfilled
The sport of soccer is, A team sport It doesn't matter if you are tall or short With it you have more support
The beast that needs no sleep is fear,
So who the hell am I? Let's see...   I'm a fricking nerd-dork weirdo with barely qualifyed coolness, I'm an anime weeaboo and self-proclaimed "voice-acting officinado" of sorts,
Walking on the tightrope between two worlds, Reality and fiction never seem to agree. However for some it shapes a balance, Our ability to understand the power both sides hold.
When I see her, my heart sinks to my feet. Her sound is like a Heaven praise from 'bove. From her strength, Satan could never defeat, Her love, not like a weakish morning dove,  
Andrea Gibson writes like a god. Why can't I write like a god? Everything in her poems are pure gold. And I would rather deal with gold spilling out of my mouth Than this nonsense that is this poem.
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