I just want to write

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That feeling that puts pressure against my heart

its satisfying feeling as I unload from finish to start

no matter what the order of events

I just want to write

the content of which I may record

may have no substance or but one word

no matter the subject

I just want to write

encumbrances concoct a formulating plan

to ruin my image and to suffocate it can

no matter the trial

I just want to write

infusing my thoughts with clouded judgment

as I go on overdrive and succumb to it

no matter the capacity of my thoughts

I just want to write

of flowers and peddlers of hair and of shoes

of elders and cities to ease or amuse

no matter the outcome

I just want to write

The utter excitement I get from a blank page

you’d think i’d met the Presidents maids

The mystery it brings to life with its ink

I just want to write i’d say and you’d think

This poem is about: 
Our world


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