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Changing brown to green,little sprouts started peaking,despite everything.
I am not nearly This nice to other people. But I like you more
Travels coast to coast, With words to ease weary souls. Power lies in words; Words indepth echoed, Skilled and crafty is my charm. Something about poems;
A Covid Christmas Trying not to spread sickness Only Christmas cheer   Masks with hot cocoa Still feels 'un poco loco' Awkward atmosphere   So six feet apart
Astros shooting starsnow they know their ABCs~ Atlanta Braves champs....Mark Toney ©️ 2021.11/2/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you) - Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series Champions
Can I be your dog? Fed a bowl of cigarettes in the stale morning,   bowl of you at night. I'll wag my tail when you're home, follow you around.   Can I be your dog?
I love you the very best, Even times of stress, Please love me so I can rest.
I would sell my soul To become something bigger Read to many books   Dreams of a power Journey, adventure, legends
Remembered through smoke Alight with fresh fuel The embers fall slow
The sun rises through Cutting the night's cloudy veil Proudly, a new day
The foggy steeple Perilously peers over Distant memories
Slow rat sees fast cat She knows she will not live long Her tears flow freely
Muffin is good food Give me muffin to eat now I take blueberries
(Dashes equal a beat) I guess you are me - You are my conscience, my soul - The wind that brings life. -- By Aurora Faustini
Someone suffering Alone vehement efforts Menacing end
new to the icy wind, my nose glows red as the leaves, in adjustment like the trees.  
I clasped her hand tight Lived by her wisdom, she died My light gone, alone
Darkness fell, drowned me Thought lost, reborn a stranger Dreams real, second life
World shouted to hear Wrote furiously to see Wept, slept, sighed, gave up
Love isn't easy Nor painless or carefree It yanks your soul deep
Her laughter sang out Woke me from a trance Broke the clouds, I danced
Desire fills me You're eyes meet mine in the night I love you so much  
Swift over desert... Flying through the air. Time stops! His legs, once, no more.
Humans with steel limbs Humans with hearts of pure gold The future is here
I do like writeing, it helps me express myself, it inspires me.
Love family I strength is the virtue of self Until the warmth comes
From the Cali heat, to the gloomy skies of Seattle, I return to toil once more.
Train rumbles eastward Rain in the darkness falling Cold windows and hands
What is life to me? Something I cannot have yet. Change is on it's way.
Avengers save world: The demigods of today, make Disney money.
Apollo’s haikus, They are really something else, still becoming worse. He struts into clubs
Heard them all before You speak without intention Empty promises
I used to live for sleepless nights, endless fun, but priorities change.   Like mom always said a body must have balance. Work hard, eat well, sleep in peace.   Growing up is tough,
First breath, my new worldNewborn legs find footing onThe path of my life
Lost a nail today in synagogue; flipped my brother off.  
The sunflowers bend. They break their own backs to shine; maybe they want more.  
Life is a movie. I seem to be caught mid-scene and there is no plot.  
Do not blame me, NO. You chose to fill her body While you emptied mine.  
Awkward is the space That is left in this blank room. I’m sorry, I can’t love.  
Fingertips are torn, I do not want your love here. I am immortal.  
Blue are the eyes, cold. Wait for the ocean to roar; She will be the moon.  
Under the fall leaves Sitting, waiting for answers, The world stops, let’s see.  
Tell me, silently, That you never loved me; easy. What a lie you sang.  
Heels tapped on the floor In the auburn summer sky, The birds shrieked, why try?  
Eyes burn bright red, pained, Cold is the bed when alone; Maybe she sang once.  
I don’t hear the wind, But the breath of the world sighs; “Cry me a river.”  
A loop and a pull Chains to stitches to blankets It's the little things
I grow up faster,  Darkness chases the blind man; I must glow brighter.
The sky is painted The canvas filled with colors As the sun goes down  
The sky is painted The canvas filled with colors As the sun goes down  
Swirling mass of nervesSelf-perception hexed to hellBut, I carry on.
My Fears are now gone They went away with hard work No fear forever   I was once Anxious It went away with some Time Confidence is key
To My Mother Momma he beats me. What do you want for dinner? Leftovers sound fine.   To My Rapist Bruises are bone deep, Your name is burned on my skin,
white fluffy pillows floating high up in the sky hiding the bright sun
Warmth races through me  as the morning sun ascends.  Escape from winter 
The light is too bright.  I wish that the bulb would burst  across the burnt grass
Fragile silk clinging Cruel wind buffets and strains Unimagined strength
My mentor is love Thank you for the lessons taught The good and the bad
Kindness above all You are so helpful and strong Thank you, I love you   A shoulder for tears Loving advice and wisdom Always supportive   Though sometimes stern
Unwanted offspring Beloved nevertheless Though by another
rough lips / salty taste sticky tears / inside secrets glowing embers / You?
Haiku, to poets, Is as Ballroom to dancers: Form gives confidence.
Conjure up some wit. Write, revise, and rearrange 'Til you make it fit.
One thing to avoid, My son, is striped sunshine. Don't call me for bail.
Haiku in my sight, Pen in hand, gripped very tight; Sadly, thought takes flight.
Luscious light blue sea After the frantic ripping storm Emotions are freed  
  In the deep blue sea Corals hiding the fishes From floating plastics  
Poetry is art That helps us brave this strange world And express our souls
Poems are pictures, They show you who you are and, Who you used to be.
Oh, sweet liberty. The graphite scratches along, so now I am free.   Free to feel all things Liberated emotions My heart holds no rules.   Thank you, poetry,
Poetry whispers Pleas vulnerability Allows love and pain  
Poetry whispers Pleas vulnerability Allows love and pain  
Poetry whispers Pleas vulnerability Allows love and pain  
A simple string of letters  can help ignorance escape  in the light of spring 
Cool wind makes me glad Like when you kissed me that day The day I was sad 
Me, Bad poetry Can't I write like how I paint  I'll Stick to Haikus.   Too hard to weave words, But adequate enough, if I stick to Haikus.   Try my best but still.
Read between the lines. Stay open and look beyond, the answers are there.
Introduction Do not pity me I got myself into this I’ll write myself out   Beginning Lines on a clean page
Poetry is good  for giving perspective to those who do not see
Mayhem on your mind. When you find peace, then we’ll be. Earn back what is yours.
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