ty's rhymes

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The world is dark  Not a single spark Here I sit on a bench in the park The Earth seems so boring and stark And I wonder what the world is like up there   Among the stars Playing on Mars
I've felt nothing for all my life I want to feel human so I use a knife Crimson rivers pour from my skin Every time I slice I can't help but grin Pain is the only thing I can feel
Just a burn No concern Just a flare No care   Why are you worried about me? I'm overjoyed, I'm fine I'm so filled with glee It's like I just chugged a glass of wine  
Red, blue, green The colours flood my mind Screeching, screaming It's too loud for me
Through her veins the venom ran Sweet, quiet Mary Ann   All she wanted was to be powerful and strong But sickening tones became of her swan song   Her eyes turned a golden, shining hue
I keep my heart locked up in a box Guarded by a dextrous black fox   But with a glance from you the fox was slain My heart thrown into a hurricane   Round and round it tumbled and swept
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