Feeling Something New

I've felt nothing for all my life

I want to feel human so I use a knife

Crimson rivers pour from my skin

Every time I slice I can't help but grin

Pain is the only thing I can feel

In a world made of ice-cold steel


But when I see you for the first time

And see that smile with its perfect white shine

My heart pounds like it will burst out of my chest

So for now I'll sit on the ground and rest

In the corner, admiring your every move

To win your heart I must remove

These marks on my arm— some shallow, some deep

I can peel the scars off and place them in a heap 

Then I'll l be worthy of your precious love

It will lift me up like wings from a dove


We can be together with no one else in the way

If someone steals you from me they'll become my prey 

When I'm around you I feel something new

Usually this feeling takes some time to accrue

But for me it came in an instant, so fast

And without you my weak body won't last

My heart pounds so loud I can hear it's plea

Begging for you to come be near me


I look into your eyes and feel a thrill

The voices in my head are deafening and shrill

Every part of my body is calling for you

My facade of normality has been thrown askew

I can't contain these feelings within my mind

They're too powerful and loud to be confined

I try to get these emotions out through cuts in my skin

So I take my knife and do what I have been

I make sure my knife doesn't feel lonely

Like I make sure to do with you, my one and only


I hold you to my heart and make sure 

No one else gets near you and you stay pure

They thought they could steal you from me

I killed them as I shouted with glee


They're all gone

You're only mine

You are my swan

They were a vine

Holding you back

But now they're all dead.

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