' 'fear' 'failure' 'journey' '

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The feeling of absolute despair. Like you're under water trying not to drown.   All that seems to be going on in your fuzzy mind is-- Why?   But before you decide to take that first inhale of water,
I was on my way back to home in the bus In this high temperature with precipitation a child sitting infront of me, with all these sweaty people. Children making noises And the stranger sitting next to me
Oh failure  Everyone hates you  Or they are scared of you  But no one gives you the gratitude you deserve  You look big and nasty And have a funny way of showing me  How to learn 
Neurotic Self-Therapy     Reasonably Reasonably Reasonably It’s sad. It makes sense.
Too many roads diverged in a tense arena And I used to wonder what it would be like to travel all. Could I be Engineering? Astrophysics? Analyst? Architect? Chemist?
I am scared can you hear me clear I have fear as I talk to myself so lord can here I dont know how to overcome this fear cause school isnt getting there Why does school have to be like this
There is a fear that dominates my mind. A fear I live with daily and not hard to find. A fear that can never truly be conquered And when conquered, it only rises again, only for you to be bewildered.
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