Journey Through Bus

I was on my way back to home
in the bus
In this high temperature with precipitation
a child sitting infront of me,
with all these sweaty people.
Children making noises
And the stranger sitting next to me
Shut the window
Water started coming out of my body
I want to tell the stranger
please just slide,
Slide the window left
My body can't handle this temperature
I'm not able to breathe
I'm feeling suffocation,
But can't, my lips were locked itself, my hands were barely moving, and my legs freeze-dried.
At last my eyes automatically close
And my stranger partner
Thinks I'm just another guy who is “Carcolepsy”.
Sometimes latter my eyes open
Looked around people are staring me,
My whole face covered with H2O
That i drank before getting unconscious
I saw window was still shut
I forcefully slides the window to right
Atlast I reached my destination.

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