'mental health' ''healing' 'gun violence' 'loss'

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So... Parkland wasn’t enough....now Santa Fe.... So... who do I need to talk to to get better gun laws? I mean we got preschoolers learning a rhyme that tells them what to  do during a shooting.
Shots fired Lives lost Defeated and tired At what cost Hard to move Long we stand As we prove To this tough land Guns are dark Guns are pain They bear a mark We must detain
Is it finally time to talk about it? Have enough children died that we can finally talk about it? What if it had been your children, your family, your friends? Then would it be time to talk about it?  
Columbine, Parkland, Boston Races; So many lost, too many faces. How long must this last? We must end this epidemic fast! 'But how', they ask, 'Impossible!', they say.
Every day there’s a new tragedy plaguing the headlines of newspapers and magazines When did we forget how to love? instead learn how to hate
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