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There was a rose that stood out from all the red ravishing ones. This one bloomed too early onto the sacred ground of Mother Nature's beautiful creation,
you said i couldn’t do it but all you did was remind me that my power was from within and my flames burned from embers buried deep within the soul i have nurtured and built
I lived in a castle once, It was called love. The walls were built
I strive to not be conformed. I've got scars I've hidden,  and faced the scorn of all my lies,  but never cried.  Know Why? Cause I was born for this.    They yell in my face, 
HushMy faultHushI could have stopped itHushI wanted itHushNobody will believe meHushHe didn’t know it was wrongHushHe said he was sorryHush
I am an anglerfish, Fishnets stuck in between my teeth, One-liner hooks spilling From bleeding gums. Anglerfish rely on a light to attract prey,
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