A bit of a rant

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Check-in in the middle of the night Can't breathe can't see But the world is oh so bright Clearly knowing clearly hoping Not to check-out in the morning But then the phone rings And there is a choice
Even my words are drowning in a sea of wannabes I am not sure which race to run anymore I am tired of trying Can I actually make it . My 7 year old self will be disappointed
My wordsMy artm You have no right to throw it out. You can call it trashI don’t mind. Just know thisIt is mine.  Here’s the clicheOne “woman’s trash is …My trash is My trashIt’s my treasure.  I found my treasures in the TrashThe d
"Stop overthinking”You say it as if it's easy, As if I could just flip a switch and end the constant mental processes
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