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My life has been anything but comfortable. I starved myself, cut my wrists and tried to find anything punishable. As a little girl you filled shelves with love, you never imagined it get so tough.
Tell them I was happy tell them I was strong tell them I wish I had the strength to carry on  tell them I was lovely tell them I was pure tell them my whole life i was kicking down deaths door 
the sound of my stomach growling resembles what i imagine to be the sound of bliss
I told my best friend I was diagnosed with depression, an anxiety disorder, and ocd  when I was 13.  Three months after trying to kill myself. 
Hello, old friend, it seems like your back again I thought i got rid of you I guess i was wrong You were gone for a year and a half  Then one day you jumped right on my back I haven't thought of you in a while
Swallow these pills you’ll feel better Prozac, zoloft, seroquel, hydroxyzine, pills pills pills Take it, swallow it with your saliva and let it dissolve in your stomach acid
Dear L.M., I recall an exchange I had with a women, Whom I seeked council from. "She gave you a lot of power," she said with a  Flat Affect. I was dismayed.
Dear Anorexia, Anxiety, and Depression: thank you. I am not thanking you for putting me through the worst parts of my life; I write this to thank you for making me stronger.
Beauty is art and art, is who you are. A picture, tells a thousand words. Well, beauty is infinite. It can't be tamed nor be controlled.   It's the unexplainable thing; that we try to explain,
I compare myself with a flower. If I'm not nourished, I'm hanging, like a suicidal person who can’t bear any more. If it takes longer, I'm lying like grandfather, two meters below the ground and waving.
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