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I have been told that to be loved, I must be: Clean. Unscarred. Perfect. I hear these words inside my head.
This time of year is tough. Thinking of the loss that meant so much.Not a day goes by when she's not there.whether it's a memory, a prayer or a sad shed tear.
Several suffer from the same persecutions. Rough, rampaging  Oceans may seperate the victims in space, but in savage Cruelty they are united. We are denied the rights given to us 
We will never be beat. Keeping our lives upbeat.   My body may be physically exhasted but we will continue as long as my heart does beat.   Insecrurities will never hide,
​You don't know me, But I’m the girl who always sits in the back corner during class. You might think I am shy But I sit back there so I can see everything
Dear Grandma,  Two years have come and gone. It is difficult to believe it has been so long. It may feel as though you were just here, but it has been a couple of years.
Love is respect Love is strong Love is described and learned, not taught Love is commodious and yet sometimes cruel Love is wanted and found, like food Love can teach us who we are And where we´ve been
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